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Hassle-Free Advice with Pile Croppers in Scotland

Receive quick and easy advise from our piling specialists. GM Piling Services in Scotland, provide hydraulic pile croppers to assist with the full completion of a piling project. These are ideal for any groundworks company looking for a safe,clean,fast and hassle-free way of cropping piles.

Quality Pile Breakers/Croppers

These are attachments that anre suspended from the front off a excavators arm / hitch and lowered over the exposed pile. The hydraulic pile cropper efficiently completes the job with multiple hydraulic rams that break the prefabricated pile. This exposes the steel reinforcement inside the pile and leaves it intact, which means this significantly reduces cropping time compared to other conventional breakers or the use of hydraulic hammers. Avoids risk of hand/arm vibration due to no vibration or no noise of this equipment, the cropper leaves no cracks below the cutoff level or cause any damage to the integrity of the pile.

  Excavator Requirement : Two Way Circuit                                                                                   

Different sizes are available as follows:

Type 2.5

Type 3
Type 3.5
Type 4.4S
Type 4.8
Type 5
Pile Range (mm) (inch)
150-250 (6-10)

180-320 (7-12)
250-350 (10-14)
300-400 (12-16)
350-410 (14-16)
350-500 (14-20)
Pile Shape

Number of Rebars

Weight kg (lbs.)
340 (750)

360 (795)
370 (815)
600 (1,320)
650 (1,430)
745 (1,640)

Pile Cropping

Important Details

When you contact our friendly team, we are also able to offer helpful advice and support on all types of pile cropping and breaking systems. The whole process ranges from a week to six months, depending on the size of the job. We advise you on how long it will generally take for the job to be completed so that you are completely aware of the situation. Our proprietor drives the machines that install the piling systems into the ground and tends to generate business from doing this. We also offer a full range of vibration monitoring equipment to ensure everything is working efficiently.