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High-Quality Vibration Monitoring Equipment in Scotland

Keep an eye on your construction vibrations with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment from GM Piling Services. Situated in Scotland, we offer a full range of services and equipment too carefully monitor vibrations and ensure that everything is kept within the relevant guidelines.

Detailed Calculations

The  vibration monitoring equipment we offer accurate measurement any vibrations that come through the ground during any activities where there is a risk of vibration. The vibrock vibration meter is designed to measure vibration reliably and efficiently,it is a battery powered portable vibration monitor purpose designed for measuring blasting, piling, demolition, construction and traffic vibrations. With our range of equipment, you are able too fully monitor any vibrations caused and stick to the designed regulations.

A Wealth of Benefits

Quality monitoring equipment which allows on site risk , therefore preventing cracks and damage to the building, structure, foundation and avoids potential damage claims.After completion of activity it is very easy to download results to your pc for you to analysis. These products are one size and unit's are from a reputable brand as we know that they cover any job and tackle any issues.